Internet Metering Gateway (IMG)

IMG is an all-in-one Internet Broadband Billing Solution, specially designed for public network. It integrates "Access Control" and "High Speed Internet Connection" into one system to fulfill the needs in the public network.

IMG's in-room hotel broadband access supports the easy-to-use "Plug and Play" solution, eliminating the hassle of any configuration and additional hardware or software. This solution enables guests to establish a fast and secure wired internet connection within seconds.
It provides additional sources of revenue for a better Return on Investments (ROI). Your business or organization can provide customers or guest Internet Connection with zero configuration & bandwidth management while protecting your private network simultaneously.
IMG provides transparent and secure mobile user connectivity for small to enterprise hotels deploying High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) for their guests. Located at the hotel, it is transport agnostic, enabling the rapid rollout of HSIA regardless of whether the broadband network is wireless, DSL, cable or Ethernet.

IMG also makes available its software modules that can be embedded in edge networking devices such as wireless Access Points, routers, switches and residential gateways to provide a wide range of Public-access related features.
IMG is easy to use, with low total cost of ownership, and most broadly compatible server available.

How It Works?

Features & Benefits

Authentication for Internet Access

- User Authentication
- Access Control by Package
- Customizable Wall Garden
- Redirect URL upon login
- Support Bandwidth control
- Support Port Mapping by VLAN/SNMP


- Multiple Level Of Admin Setup
- Customizable User Login & Logout Pages
- Online User / Network Usage Monitoring
- Better System Management

Accounting Feasibility

- PMS Integration
- Single Point of User Activation and Billing
- User Account Usage Monitoring

Alert & Monitoring

- Real time System Alert Function
- Online Devices Status Monitoring Function
- 24 x 7 Online Monitoring Center

Improve Customers User's Experience

- Zero Configuration (Plug & Play)
- 24x7 Helpdesk Support
- Guest QoS
- Customizable User Bandwidth Allocation
- Customizable Internet Access Package (by size/hour/day/month)

Solution Satisfactory Assurance

- 24 x 7 HelpdeskSupport
- Improve Guest Impression
- Compatible with the network environment
- Low Total Cost of Ownership
- Scalability & Upgradeability
- Easy-to-Use Menu



All-in-one HSIA Complete Solution


Ease to manage, Zero Configuration "Plug & Play"


Intelligent Bandwidth Control


Operating in Hardened Internet Security Functions


Unlimited Update & Upgrade