Digital Visual Signage (DVS)

Digital Signage? Nowadays, you can see it mostly everywhere. A term used to describe the display of vital and up to the minute information on electronic devices such as plasma screens, LCD panels, CRT monitors, kiosks and projectors. Not only does this display device flexibly able to change presentation constantly, it is computer generated with full-motion and full-colour video, photo-realistic graphics, text and animation.

ACN has dedicated its time in developing this interactive digital signage, branded as Digital Visual Signage (DVS). DVS acts as a visual medium for you to communicate with individuals more effectively and dynamically.

Your billboards, reader boards, static boards, posters and messages will be brought to life with our Digital Visual Signage (DVS).

How It Works?

Features & Benefits


5 Steps to Create a Scheduled Signage:
- Upload Media
- Create Template
- Media & Template Mapping
- Schedule the Mapping
- Publish & Enjoy the Visual

Real Time Broadcast

- At the Right Place
- At the Right Time
- To the Right Audiences

Reusability & Cost Effective

- Efficiency in Contents Update
- Media & Template can be Reuse Anytime

Additional Features

- MyEvent
- MyClock
- MyAlert
- MyCurrency
- Support Various Media Formats