About Us


ACN, incorporated in year 2002, is a leading provider of high speed internet access (HSIA) to hotels in the Asia Pacific region. Today, we are one of the fastest growing companies in this space in the last two years. Beyond HSIA, we are now becoming a total solution provider to hospitality industry with the aim of becoming a dominant ICT provider to the industry.

ACN was incorporated to venture into systems integration work. Later, management reevaluated its business strategy and decided to leverage on its intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry within the region: thus its decision to provide ICT solutions to the hospitality industry.

Today, we have more than 100 customers with mostly 4 and 5 star hotels in that clientele list.

ACN's business model stresses on software development using open source code, primarily Linux. The usage of open source code in Malaysia is still rare with few companies offer training and support for products developed using Linux. The advantage of using Linux for developing software is that it is seldom heard of virus and worms spreading through programs written in Linux. This increases the level of security within the network.

Systems developed by ACN are unique for the following reasons:
  • Simplicity; and
  • Effectiveness in targeting the needs of the hospitality industry

Besides that we have developed our own CRM solution specifically for the hospitality, which we have branded as the solution for the " 24/7 Customer Care Centre ".